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22 July 2006

ok, so it might be sorta possible that itís been awhile since iíve done anything big enough to the website to rate mentioning here.  iíve been editing a doctoral dissertation on the history and effects of degregulation on the phone and power industries. fun, no? but editing pays well and itís always lovely to have work that can be done stretched out in a recliner in your pajamas in the wee small hours of the morning.

other than that, not just a whole lot of new.  this very day my dad is moving: he finally sold our house.  even after living here in tyler for over three years, occurred to me that itís not just early-onset senility or lethargy that have kept me from changing my driverís license. even though this has been a really long process, plenty of time to prepare, itís still a lot harder to to ďintegrateĒ than i thought it would be. but itís a nice family moving in. they even have a dog (not a requirement, but it was definitely a nice bonus to know that the folks occupying our hallowed halls love and thoroughly spoil their pets, just as weíve always done.

but back to the website! it came to my attention that my main menu--thatís it, the one right over in the sidebar to your left--was failing to display the second-level pages.  fortunately, a very minor fix.  unfortunately, i happened to notice that for an editor, there are a stunning number of minor typos and other such annoyances that i was too sleepy to fix last night. virtual cookies to anyone who points Ďem out to me so i donít have to go in and read through every little thing, over and over and over.  because i know i would still end up missing the most obvious ones. about we just say that iím using all of my editing energy on the dissertation.  sound like a good story?

havenít been doing a lot of chainmail last couple of weeks (though i might have been had it paid anywhere near so well!).  several woodworking projects going marvelously.  oh! and iím less than half a class from finishing my chemistry minor, and a preliminary estimate puts me graduating in either december or may.  depends on the paperwork.

move artwork graphics tablet that is so VERY much fun.  better pics of chainmail shouldnít be far behind. iíve been collecting pics for furkids and snapshot. and iíve definitely got all of the links any one person could ever hope to have for the service dog and chainmail sections.  iíll note it here when i get them up. havenít forgotten the quotes--just havenít been doing enough typing to get them uploaded in any sort of timely fashion.

in closing, i would just like to leave you with a much beloved quote from the oh-so-lovable abominable snow rabbit:

"I will name him George and I will hug him and squeeze him and pat him and pet him and and rub him and caress him and...."

29 November 2005

so i am now also the proud owner of and ... now i just have to figure out what to do about it. mostly got them so itíd be a little easier to remember (in theory). most likely, iíll eventually split one off to use for chainmail-type things, especially if i continue getting more custom orders.

so made a good start on the chainmail section tonight. (good excuse to avoid more homework...)  still working on getting some professional pictures of my actual work (which also means spending hours working up various samples of different weaves, different sizes, differenct materials.) as always, if anyoneís got any good questions, donít hesitate to pipe up.

21 October 2005

she said ďlet there be a guestbook once more!Ē and there was.  and it was good.  purr.

so now iím just going to revel in this small success and completely ignore all the other schtuff iíve gotta do.  like get the chainmail section going since it looks like iím doing a presentation on it to the TCU fashion department in a couple of weeks. gulp.

11 October 2005

little different, no?  well, at least the look of things.  <sigh>  now i have to get working on the actual content.  does it never end?? =P guestbook back to being down again while i trouble out some style issues.  and lemme know what you think about the new logo. iím experimenting. (no...nothing perverted. thppbbt.)

07 August 2004

well, iím officially another year older now, and boy has it gotten off to a bang!  iíve got to say though, that having my family drive in from all over the state to be w/ me was amazing.  it was almost as cool as getting to housesit for seven chihuahuas, a lab, a golden retriever, a six-month old kitten, and two horses.  and that experience is second only to the valentineís day i got to spend at a firearms seminar with lots of target practice.

summerís definitely gone by quickly, and i have actually been making occasional updates to the site, but this is the first big one iíve done in awhile. guestbook is up and even working and you can look for me on under blackwylf. keep an eye out for further updates and changes.

17 April 2004

looks like i may have finally figured out how to add a guestbook so folks can now leave comments, questions, etc.  service dog bit still lacking a LOT of info, but iím getting there! havenít been working on quotes, so theyíre still a mess. patience and iíll eventually figure it out. (i hope!)


11 March 2004

not much, but got a little more work done on the quotes page.  iím sloooowly starting to figure out how to get the formatting to look the way I want it to. why must everything be so difficult??  at any rate, i really am going to be working on the service dog bit VERY soon now., though itís definitely going to take awhile since iíve got so much stuff. keep an eye peeled and iíll put another something up as soon as i remember to.

and we heard her exclaim as she closed for the night,
ďsloppy kisses for all and for all a good night!Ē

(from the dog...unless youíre special...or at least really cute!)


29 February 2004

ok, so iím not so great about remembering to do the updates for this page. but i havenít forgotten you, my loyal fans. <snicker>

if youíll direct your gaze towards the upper left corner (go ahead, iíll wait), youíll perhaps notice the brand new, custom made logo (yes by think a broke college student could afford a real graphic designer?!) so if you like, feel free to let me know. otherwise, just keep in mind i spent hours trying to get the damn thing to work and i do know how to kill a man with one hand. no criticisms? didnít think so. <grin>

all joking aside, been working on the formatting for the quotes page and may even get around to adding the rest of them soon.  also keep an eye out for impending service dog links and pictures.

well, thatís all folks.  and yes, i think iím really going to go to bed now.


03 December 2003

well it would appear that theyíve finally managed to get my domain up and running so i should really start trying to figure out how to put this webpage together. not much to it now, but iíll be adding various things over the next couple of weeks so keep an eye out for updates...